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November 17, 2014

Planting Bed Preparation for Winter in New England

Front yard landscape renewal

It’s November in New England and time to get on the planting bed preparation for winter.  Here are a few things that you should get done this fall to get ready for winter and also to prepare for spring:

1.  Weed Planting Beds- Weeds continue to set seed late into the fall. To avoid weeds in the spring pull them up now.  Bonus, even though some of your deciduous plants will lose their leaves and go to sleep for the winter, the surrounding planting bed will be neat and clean.

2.  Clean Planting Beds- Also clean up all the leaves from falling deciduous plants to keep the bed looking fresh and clean throughout the winter season.

3.  Remove leaves from the lawn- You want your lawn to be able to breathe and also not to create mold underneath all those leaves.  So, in your lawns best interest remove leaves from your lawn this fall.

4.  Remove Annuals and Cut Back Perennials- It’s time to remove all the dead growth on annuals that gave you so much color throughout the season.  Also, it’s time to cut back perennials  in preparation for next springs growth.  If you do the work now, you won’t have to in the spring!

5.  Water……Water- It was a very dry summer and all those evergreens need to replenish and will give them a good base going into the winter.   Evergreens continue to lose moisture during the colder months and trees and shrubs with moister (but not waterlogged) soils survive better than those in drier soils.

6.  Tie up or burlap tender shrubs- If you have plants like Sky Pencil Holly, Boxwoods, Emerald Green Arborvitaes or any other tender shrubs or a variety that tend to split, now is the time to either wrap them with twine or cover with burlap before we get our first major snow storm.

7.  Plant Spring Bulbs- Want to help shake the winter doldrums in the early spring?  Plant some beautiful and colorful spring bulbs now before the ground freezes and reap the benefits in the spring.

8.  Empty your planting pots-  In preparation for next year’s plantings and also to save your pots if they are vulnerable to cracking, now is the time to empty them out and store them away for the winter.  If you leave them full and they get water logged and freeze they could potentially crack and will be no good for next season.  So, best to play it safe and store them away for the winter.

9.  New Landscape Design Planning- Tired of your current landscaping?  There is no time like the winter to start planning a new design for the spring.  If you need the help of a professional, now is the best time to get help with a landscape design before you have to wait extended times in the spring.  Plus, if you need the work done, you can get it scheduled early in the season instead of having to wait!

10.  Winter Decorating- Want to add a little pop to your front steps this winter?  Take a planting pot and place some Evergreen Branches, some Holly Berry Branches and maybe a colorful bow or sprigs of decorative branches in gold, silver or white and arrange them in the pot to give your front steps a nice little winter pop of color.

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