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Front Yard Landscape Design Ideas, MA|Front Yard Landscape Makeover Ideas, MA

How does your front yard landscaping make you feel when you pull into the yard?  Does your front yard enhance the appeal of your home design? Does your front yard landscape design portray the interior design of your home?  How do your guests feel when they arrive at your house? Are you really making use of your front yard space and adding value to your home with your landscaping?  If you want to find positive answers to all of these questions, read on for some front yard design tips to get you on your way.

1.  What is your home’s style?  This will be another blog article on it’s own.  But, to get you started what is your design inspiration inside the home?  Do you have a Modern Style, Country Rustic, Tuscan Villa, Eclectic, Traditional, Gothic, Tropical, Asian, Southwest, Minimalist?  You may not fit into just one.  You may have a mix of different styles.  To get you thinking about what to do on the outside think of what you have on the inside and how can you portray that oustide.  If you have absolutely no idea where to start, you may want to consult with a landscape designer that can help give you ideas on how to bring the inside out.

2.  Unmask your home’s hidden beauty.  Can you see your house from behind the shrubs?  If you have overgrown shrubbery that’s the place to start.  In some cases shrubs can be trimmed back but if it’s the case that you can’t see your windows anymore, there’s a good chance the shrubs need to come out.  An experienced landscaper with heavy equipment can easily take care of this problem for you.  Once the overgrown shrubs are gone, you have a clean palette to get started with and truly bringing your design style to life.

3.  Use different types of shrubbery to bring that design style to life.  For example, if you have a more formal landscape style you will want to use alot of evergreens to give that feel.  If you have a more country or eclectic style you will want to use more flowering type of shrubbery.  A good landscape designer can help guide you to the right plants for the right setting that you are looking to portray.

4.  Use plant colors to compliment your home.  Pull out the colors of your home or interior colors as well with plants and containers.  For example, if you have a have a red or burgundy door plant a Japanese Maple Tree somewhere in the yard to pull out and compliment the red door.  Have a blue door or shutters, plant a Blue Hydrangea that when it blooms will give the hues of colors you have on the house.

5.  Use retainer or decorative walls to give another dimension and depth to your front yard.  By adding retainer walls you may be able to add a useable space or control a slope area in your yard.  If you have an unsightly slope by adding a wall and plantings you can transform the space into a focal point.  By adding a wall to a planting bed in the front yard can add function and beauty.

6.  Define pathways with walkways.  By defining pathways in your yard you are telling guests where you want them to go.  As well as it is a great opportunity to bring out your design style.  Not only can you show your style through plants but you can also show it with your choice in hardscape material and design.  With an infinite amount of paver styles today you can certainly bring out your interior design style by your choice in a walkway finish.  For example, if you have a  tuscan or mediterannean style you would want to use a paver that has a more old world feel like a cobblestone or a natural stone type of finish.  If you have a country or cottagey style you may choose to use a natural stone laid in lawn in a random pattern to give a more gardeny feel. If you have a modern style you will want to use a stone that has sleek, clean lines and smooth or uncomplicated surfaces.

7.  Add an edging to your landscape beds.  Adding a stone edge to your landscape beds adds another whole element to your landscaping.  It adds depth and dimension while defining lines not to mention you can use it to enhance the color of your home.

8.  Create Focal Points in the yard.  Draw the eye to where you want people to look.  This may be as simple as your front door.  Have a beautiful front door that you want to draw the eye to?  Define it with plants directly to the side of the entry.  Such as Cone shaped trees or topiary that will draw your eye up to the door.  Add planting pots with beautiful seasonal color and arrangements that again will draw your eye.  You may want to add a landscape bed in the front lawn with an ornamental tree to add more depth to the front yard.

9.  Is your lawn green enough?  You may have the most beautiful plants and well thought out landscape design but if your grass doesn’t look just as nice it will take away from the curb appeal?  If your lawn isn’t up to par it will certainly take away from the curb appeal of any well laid out landscape design plan.  If you don’t know how to green it up on your own, seek the help of a landscape professional.

If you are truly thinking of a front yard landscape makeover, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to get a landscape design plan in place.  Whether you jot down on a piece of paper yourself or consult with a professional landscape designer a landscape design plan will be your roadmap to a succesful landscape.  You need to know what to plant or add for elements, how to install them, when to install them, keeping in check with proper sequencing of installations and where to properly place elements.   A well thought out design plan will answer all these questions for you and lead you on a path to success.

Walkway in garden path stone and Belgik Edge Middleboro, MA

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