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Retaining Walls & Decorative Walls

Decorative Wall, Pillars, Columns

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Retaining Wall, Decorative Wall, Natural Stone Wall

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Walkway, Steps, Techo-bloc retaining wall

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Decorative Landscapes Inc. installs both retaining walls and decorative type walls and stairs.  A retaining wall can turn an unusable portion of your yard into a functional recreational or operational area.  By incorporating a stairway in the wall you can create an easily defined flow from one area to another.  A decorative, non retaining, type wall can add architectural elements, depth and character to your property.

Certified Hardscape Installers will install your project.

Decorative Landscapes Inc. offers you Natural Stone, Concrete Segmental and Pressure Treated Timber Walls.  With the company having the necessary heavy equipment for the job large BOULDER WALLS are also available.  All these items bring their own beauty and feel to a landscape.  Mixing both Natural Stone and Segmental Block can also create an aesthetically appealing look without all the cost of using all natural stone.  Work with Kim or Dave to design your wall and decide which products will work best for you.

As with any hardscape project the initial excavation and preparation work are the key to a successful long lasting wall.  Another key element is proper drainage using stone and pipe behind the wall.  If these key elements are not performed correctly your wall could sag or bow.  Decorative Landscapes Inc. takes pride in always preparing and backfilling correctly to ensure the longevity of your wall.  Based on the type of wall and materials that you choose Geogrid Textile Fabric may be required to maintain the integrity and strength of the wall.  Kim or Dave will discuss this with you during your consultation.  They WILL NOT compromise quality for price in this area because in the long run the wall would suffer the consequences!

If you are looking for quality craftsmanship that will stand the test of time give Decorative Landscapes a call today to schedule your FREE Estimate or Design Consultation.

Features of Designer Concrete

Paver Surfaces
Appearance: Wide Selection of Styles, Sizes and Colors.
Cost: Moderate. Segmental Units fit tightly together without mortar on a gravel base.
Performance: Lifetime beauty will not rot or decay and are environmentally safe.
Durability: Excellent. Very durable, dense units and dry stack construction allow for better drainage and resist freeze-thaw damage.

Features of Natural Stone

Appearance: Different levels of color from grey blue to a mix with natural tones. Rich & Elegant look of classic New England. Varying shapes, thickness & lengths provide attractive high end items. Informal Look
Cost: Moderate High to High based on grade of stone. Moderate-High.  Each unit must fit together by hand. Very high.  Each stone must be selected & cut to fit. Low, the base is actually the finished product
Performance: Easy to replace damaged pieces.  Lasts Forever! Can handle heavy loads.  Easy to repair.  Rough surface may make snow plowing difficult. Durable.  However, if damaged the whole wall may need to be dismantled and reinstalled. Divets can develop.  Must be added to & re-leveled regularly, annually recommended.
Durability: Excellent.  Good drainage and freeze-thaw resistance. Excellent. Lasts Forever! Excellent.  Dense stones last indefinitely.  Good dranage & freeze-thaw resistance. Poor. Stone resists freeze-thaw cycles but scattering of stones creates loss of structural integrity.

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